Development Log 1

Order of the Vulture

The original idea was to have an open wold, a city and a few towns and more - basically way too much for me to handle by myself with my own budget. I knew it was a huge task to take on, but went though with it anyway and started to make buildings, characters, items - quite a lot- so I did some research by watching many shows. However at the moment the game is not an open world.

I set a few scenes up in Unity, made a few videos, trying a few things out.

At some point I decided to hire programmers to help. The 1st few hires were not ideal for the project so eventually The Knights of Unity were recruited. They have been a huge help so far and got sections completed on time and willing to help with any problems I ran myself into.

Order of the Vulture, is not complete yet. The alpha version is a rigid and linear outline, and all subject to change. At the moment at the start of each mission, the player starts off with nothing. But there will be the pocket knife nearby at the start of every mission. The game is currently held together with shoe strings and duct tape, but it works!

There is no save & load function, but there is a level code system in place. On each mission briefing, and also during the missions the level code is in the top left hand corner (F1, F2 keys to show the code).

Players are unable to save during a mission at this time.

Ultimately, if all goes well it would be awesome to actually update the majority of content in the game. This would require new artists who love the 80's, early 90s.

How to play:

A,W,S,D = Move back & forth and strafe left to right.

I = Open inventory. Click on an item if you want to prepare to throw it. Crafting is explained later.

C = Crouch.

R = Roll in the direction you want with the A,W,S,D keys and only while crouched.

E = Pick up items, enter vehicle, pick locks and taking out wire from certain targets, IE old fridges, radios, snack machines, computers etc.

Left click = Knock down an enemy.

Right click = Throw item. Not every item makes a noise to distract guards.

Use the mouse to look around.

ESC = Open up the in-game menu where there is a cheat to enable the enemies visual field. To start a mission, run to the phone in the house boat kitchen.

Crafting items:

To craft an object open your inventory using "I" key on your keyboard or "Y" on Xbox controller, you need to drag and drop materials onto the Materials window and your tool onto the Tool window. If you will get the recipe right after pressing craft button, an item will appear in your Inventory. The bottom text field will inform you about the item you have created.

To make the noise device, handy in the level 'Haywire', you need to make 2 items, and combine them with duct tape:

Tool: Knife - Small Speaker + Wire = Wired Speaker

Tool: Glue - Battery + Rubber Band = Battery Band

Tool: Duct Tape - Wired Speaker + Battery Band = Noise Device

Changing the key mapping:

When in the key mapping menu, press either W,S or arrow keys UP and DOWN to select the key you'd like to change. Press enter to access the change function and then press the key you'd like to use.

Current glitches in the game:

- At the start of a mission the player might be moving forwards. To stop him, hit forwards (W) and it should reset the moving function. - Sometimes the text for items and other actions do not appear for very long, but the function still works.

- If using the mouse to look around stops working, try going into the inventory (I), click somewhere and then close it, or try pressing ESC twice.

- Occasionally drifting when landing on a platform such as a box (rare).

- The best way to avoid the above two errors above, is to exit vehicles and perform actions on flat ground.

- The jeeps / current vehicles in the game are in the testing phase. (Not drive-able in the demo version)

- While in the jeep, the player is invisible to AI.

- Crafting items can sometimes say 'Maybe, maybe not.' even though the item was crafted.

- Enemy AI is basic and can occasionally get caught on edges.

- If the player goes to exactly 0 percent health, the animation goes into a death animation which is still being developed, and looks odd.

- First Aid Kits pick-ups are in the experimental phase. They might work, they might not work – use at own risk.

- If you spot any more glitches, feel free to report them to Tobop Productions.

Thanks for reading!

Any questions or comments? Feel free to contact Tobop Productions:

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