A downloadable MST3k-fmg for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is an old project which has a ton of potential, but I have stopped working on this one. The basic idea is that Pearl has created a way in which the player goes into old B-movies, and has to survive.

The core files are also available (.blends, textures and sounds), but not the original Unity project file. (PFMG_MST3k_ScFiles.zip)

I didn't manage to get a player selection screen done, so the only option is Mike. And the ship is bare, hardly any content.

So far, all that's available is;

1) One 'movie mission' which can be accessed by walking into the flashing cube on the desk.

2) Controlling the ship and visiting a moon or two by running into the control stick on another desk. Fly into the moon to visit it.

On both moons / areas, the objective is to find the radio and run into it, to escape.


A,W,S,D = Move around
Space = Jump
Left Shift = Toggle run / walk


Install instructions

The .zip file contains the .html file which can be run to play the game. Requires Unity webplayer. Right click to have the option for full screen.


MST3kWebPlayerVersion.zip (36 MB)
PFMG_MST3k_ScFiles.zip (33 MB)

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