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It's good to see people trying out the game. I'm aware of certain issues which could be improved. Over time I'd like to change a few things. But it all depends on the time I have to do it. But, despite some understandable scrutiny, I think it's going fairly well. 
When you release a game on Steam, you can get emails from people pretending to be a curator. And I may have unfortunately sent a stubborn email to an actual curator instead.
These things happen but hey. 

So for interest sake I searched for the game on YouTube and I found some, but are not reposted in the games comment section on Itch. So I thought I'll just post them here instead. And as you'll see - they're all older versions. I feel terrible about the ammo/fall through ground glitch. 

Thank you all for playing so far!!

In other news, the old version has been released via pirates. Good times. 

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