A downloadable RedDwarf5SmegersPack for Windows

This pack contains the 5 main characters from the TV show Red Dwarf, and the Bazookoid. They're rigged and animated, ready to be put into Unity or UDK. The characters are 1 mesh, and all use the same texture, including the weapon.

These characters are in development, but could still be used. Contact me if you're building a Red Dwarf game. I'm willing to help.

More information

Published203 days ago
AuthorTobop Productions
Tags3D, Experimental, Funny, Futuristic, low-poly, Minimalist

Install instructions

5.04mb .zip file :- 4 folders

- 2 Animation sets
- 6 Character files (1 for Listers dreds / rigged for ragdoll physics)
- 1 Texture
- 1 Weapon

Each character is low / medium in poly count.

Good luck!


RD_Chars5_FBX.zip (5 MB)

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