Update 1.04

There's been many updates, new sounds & animation.
Also thinking of changing the games name. 

Game controls:

A,W,S,D - Camera movement
Mouse scroll - Zoom in and out
Q,E - Camera rotation
I - Inventory for buildings 
Left click - select unit or building 
Middle click - create a selection box
Right click -  confirm selection
X - deselect unit
Alt+F4 - quit (if the spell book menu exit button does not work)


Left click to select, or use the box selection tool with right click
Left click on a destination to order the unit to move
Double click to make them run
C - crawl for slightly faster movement

Avoid the sun! (the sunlight will kill vampires)


Click on the building icon and place it onto the circle of power
Click on a building to see details
Click on the building again to close the details

Action and spell bar:

Click on the action or spell you want to do
You must be close to a human to use the ‘Bite of Fate’ spell

Everything is under construction. But feel free to explore and break the game. Which is pretty easy to do, so sorry for all of the current bugs. 


Illusion of identity spell may not work very well, with the Master Vampire
Unit move lag
Units may become stuck


NecutaruPC_v1.04.zip 151 MB
Jul 13, 2020

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