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The raw version is available for PC and Mac!

Current controls:
A,W,S,D and the mouse controls the view.
Press the H key to change mouse control to select the action icons.
While in this control you can hold down right-click & drag to select multiple units but the red selection circle will not appear. Double click to make the selected unit/s run.
Press the I key to open up the build options.
Press T to turn the tips on, press Y to turn it off.
Press M to toggle the music off, press P to turn it back on again.

The three icons on the action bar:
1 - Opens the spellbook menu.
2 - Flee to the nearest base coffin.
3 - Bite to turn a human into a vampire.

The buildings currently available, but in development:
1 - Extra base coffin - gives some protection for a vampire.
2 - Thick coffin - gives some protection for a vampire.
3 - Blood storage - rapidly heals units nearby.
4 - Aswang Hut - construable but not functional yet, however it can be placed to extend the build area.

Avoid the sun, it will kill your vampires. If the leader dies, it's game over.

The goal of in the raw version to get to into the cathedral and walk to the large Bible on a granite plinth. Warning, this game is in development and might be full of glitches, and a ton of features are yet to be implemented.

Updates to come:

Every sale helps out, and also counts as a purchase for future versions.

Gratias tibi!

© Tobop Productions


Buy Now$5.00 AUD or more

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Necuratu PC raw version 259 MB
Necuratu Mac raw version 271 MB

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