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Ned Kelly - Armored Outlaw

Free demo at the bottom of the page.

This game is an alternate history themed 3D shooter. Based on Ned Kelly, an Australian outlaw in the 1880s. The story starts off where the real Ned Kelly met his end. Can you survive the initial police raid at Glenrowan? 

Rated M15+

The goal is to survive the assault, and find the police Captain near the train, and search him for the location of the next location to advance. 

You can find the signal rockets in front of a tent and pile of timber, near the post office. Walk in between the rockets to set them off. Supporters will appear on the other side of the town to help you.

If the game is lagging, try changing the graphics settings in the games options menu. Changing the quality settings on the start up splash screen may result in a different aspect ratio.

Graphics Quality Options

The Guns So Far

Not all wooden walls will protect you from bullets.
Horses and most animals are just decoration and cannot be killed.
Health stacking over maximum health is possible.

Check out the DevLogs for more information.

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Buy Now$3.99 AUD or more

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like the game but considering Ned is wear thick metal Armour you'd think you wouldn't die so quick like i last longer in rdr 1 and 2 and the characters aren't wearing Armour but Ned is. good game just Ned's Armour should actually work like Armour 

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Well, the thing is - the game is still in development. I am still testing what fits. I haven't played RDR 1 or 2, I know I should. The truth is that the final stand at Glenrowan had all sorts of aspects to it, and the entire gang was stopped pretty quickly. The main problem for Ned was how he was shot in the unprotected legs. Check out the dev logs - at the moment, the food & medical pack items can be used to bump up the max health. This is technically a glitch lol, but you can go over your max health.  
If all else fails, you can rush the levels. All due to change, maybe - we'll see. 


The game has improved a lot since first version, and it's funnier and has better graphics and so.....


well I've played the game and it's great! Get on it peeps