Lead programmer:  Yaseen Mujahid

Lead artist and animator:  Tobi Jessop 

Voices: Yaseen Mujahid 

Tobi Jessop 

Additional voices provided by:

Elacore Media Pty Ltd

Music Credits: 

Hidden Past by Kevin MacLeod 

The Gunfight by Everet Almond 

Fiddle-De-De by Shane Ivers

Rêve de l'océan by Bluemillenium 

Between Worlds (Instrumental) by Aussens@iter 

NightRain by airtone 

Frozen Wind by @nop

Mysterium by Doxent Zsigmond 

Didgeridoo Music by Pascal Tatipata 

Saddleback Bread by Speck

Interstellar Noodle by Doxent Zsigmond 

Plucked Contemporary Boom by Kara Square

The Chaos Of Battle ft. CDK, Speck & Jaspertine by coruscate

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