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This is an extremely hard puzzle game.

This game will be updated. See more games here!

The basic rules are:

A set number of the civilians must reach the exit zone (blue area).
A set number of zombies have to be eliminated.

...all before the time runs out.
You will be able to identify which people are zombies, or civilians by seeing how they are moving. If you're playing with a mouse you can hover over the unit, and an image will appear in the top left.

If a zombie reaches the blue area, you are penalised 2 points.

Every level has a code, which can be accessed through the main menu & load. 


The green characters (the army soldiers) do not move and will kill any character but other soldiers.

The white characters are scientists, and they can cure zombies back into civilians.

There are buttons at the top of the screen which let you end the game, or reset the current level.

There are 22 levels, including the tutorial level, and the secret level.

Version 1.9 is slightly different then 1.95. V1.9 might be slightly easier, while V1.95 has more graphical features but might be slightly harder because the civilians and zombies look almost identical. 

The long belated story:

A secret laboratory was experimenting on human clones, when they also tested infecting the clones with a nasty morphed strain of the rabies virus, which spread quicker then the scientists could cure.  An army has stepped in to kill anything that moves, and to also satisfy the 'higher-ups', to not nuke the place. The scientists who feel responsible decided to stay behind - at all costs. 


© Tobop Productions

Rated M
Date of Certification: 25-05-2015


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ZQ - Android Version 1.8 38 MB
ZQ - Mac Full Version 1.95 134 MB
ZQ - Mac Version 1.9 32 MB
ZQ - PC Full Version 1.95 129 MB
ZQ - PC Version 1.9 27 MB
ZQ - Linux Full Version 1.95 137 MB
ZQ - Linux Version 1.9 32 MB

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