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Recent updates

Performance update, and small fixes. Controls: A,D = move left & right W,S = crouch, climb up & down / drop down (The arrow keys also work) Space = jump Ctrl &...
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Version 1.8
Version 1.8 is somewhat experimental. There are bound to be a few glitches, but I've done my best to seek them all out and fix them. List of changes: - Rag-doll...
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EoG Update 5!
Game file space updated, now the game takes up much less space then before. Post processing light updated. At the moment, considering changing the game name to...
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EoG Update 4 (coming soon)
Coming soon!! Updates and fixes: - Falling 1/2 through the ground fix. - Level graphics updates. - More blood. - Sound fixes. The size of the new version is est...
EoG update 3!
Various fixes to do with collisions and enemies. Also testing collisions. Apologies for any game breaking flaws...
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EoG update 2!
Here are the updates: - 2D tree sprites. - More 3D trees added. - Texture fixes...
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EoG update 1!
The player's mechanics has been updated to include crouching. There may be a few glitches, such as; Falling 1/2 way through platforms. Three types of new enemy...
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EoG notes.
There are a few updates in mind, one being an art overhaul. Also a few code tweaks to smooth out a few things. User interface and a proper main menu also to be...
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